My name is Bev Bartlett and I have been making silver jewellery and other items for over 25 years.

Dress sense and elegance from an early age!

My background is in the sciences, studying Biology at university and then working with plants and their diseases as my main source of income. The opportunity to concentrate on making jewellery finally came and I taught silversmithing at a local university whilst building up a number of ranges to sell, mainly at craft fairs and through galleries.

All of my pieces are made by hand and are not cast or made by others, and as such are both unique and varied in style. I also design and make earrings for people with unpierced ears and I have a growing number of clients who call on me for this style of earring.

From 2010 to 2012 I was one of the two ‘Jewellers in Residence’ at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell. The Residency gave me the opportunity to explore the relationship between my scientific background and making pieces in silver and to hold an end of residency show illustrating my new work.

What sort of things do I like to make? I love texture and the contrast this makes with a part in a piece which is perfectly smooth. I also like flowing lines as well as the accuracy of straight lines and I have two main ranges which demonstrate this: the ‘Waves' range and the ‘Reverse’ range where accurate sawing and a high polish is required for the design.