Dress sense and elegance from an early age!

Beverly Bartlett designs and makes her jewellery in her workshop in Berkshire.

Her first degree was in Biology, and this has a fundamental influence on her work, both as a source of inspiration - the elegant designs reflect natural objects as they appear under the microscope - and in the way she approaches working with precious metals. Understanding how these materials behave helps Beverly to shape and form silver to create her tactile pieces. Her jewellery features unique textured surfaces, emphasised by depletion gilding, combined with polished elements.

After completing a two year ‘Artist in Residence’ post at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Berkshire, Beverly concentrated on developing jewellery ranges for sale, and she undertakes commissions in silver or gold based on her designs.

Her latest works, Cambium and ‘PS3-5’, respectively echo the structure of wood as seen under a microscope and the ribbon like images produced by scientists to represent protein molecules.

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