Elegant handmade silver jewellery merging flowing designs with subtle textures.

Bev Bartlett personally designs and makes her jewellery at her own workshop. The elegant designs reflect natural biological objects as they appear under the microscope – her first degree was in Applied Biology and this has had a major influence on her work as a source of inspiration. Working mostly in silver, her pieces feature unique textured surfaces, highlighted by the process of depletion gilding, combined with contrasting polished elements. Having a science background helps Bev in the design process as understanding how metals behave when worked helps her to shape and form the silver.

You can find examples of the jewellery that Bev makes in the Gallery of Work section. In addition to themed ranges of pendants, earrings, bangles and brooches, she also specialises in earrings for unpierced ears. Bev is happy to discuss and undertake commissions in silver and gold.

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